Master of Many

Each material has a unique narrative, aesthetic and tactile experience. As a studio artist, I work with materials that best communicate the desired narrative. There are an infinite number of stories to share beyond imagery, through material combinations, structure/installation, multiplication, location, scale, context and most importantly a viewer’s experience. A material language originates from goals expressed to me by my collaborators aka my clients. I depend on their unique goals, input and feedback in order to create bespoke designs that resonate with them and are memorable for their audience.

I am an analog artist. I design things that are handmade and my process includes material studies, scaled models and digital renderings to test ideas, communicate effectively and establish clear expectations. Another part of my design process is planning how things will be installed. I make construction documents and I often do the installation myself.

I am currently the Artist In Residence at the Direct Supply Innovation and Technology Center located in Milwaukee, WI. During this residency, I have had the opportunity to enter the field of environmental branding by creating installation art for their space that helps communicate their brand story and contribute to their creative and inspiring work environment. I thoroughly enjoy being asked to make something I’ve never made before…like a gigantic preserved moss mural.

Master of Architecture / University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art / University of West Florida